Meet Chloe!

Meet our new obsession, Chloe! She’s only the most beautiful, friendly, snuggly golden doodle there is!

I’ve known Chloe for quite some time, because she originally belonged to my parents. My parents got Chloe the year I went away to college, so though I never actually lived with her, I always admired her sweetness. Cati Beth (my little four year old sister) and Carson (my eleven year old brother) have absolutely ADORED having her around. It always made me laugh how cooperative Chloe was with Cati Beth, because Cati Beth was always laying all over Chloe, pulling her around, messing with her face, etc. and Chloe just took it and continued loving her all the same! So, so sweet.

Well, change is upon us, and my parents (along with my little siblings) have moved from Arkansas to Texas! This made a lot of sense, for many different reasons (most of my dad’s work is there) , but it has been hard to wrap my mind around, because I’ve been able to live close to them and see them regularly for my whole life! I’ll still see them often, though, because my job at Painted Tree can be done from any of the store locations, including Texas! There are many Texas trips in our future.

Because my family will be in an apartment for the first year or so, while they decide where they want to be long term, my parents gave Tim and I the option of keeping Chloe. Man oh man, am I glad we said yes, because she has already brought us SO much joy! Not to mention, having Chloe kind of softens the blow of my family all moving away at once. Whenever I’m really missing them, I can just snuggle Chloe extra tight.

Tim has made it his personal mission to get Chloe trained and in shape enough to be our adventure/walking/running companion. So far he’s done an awesome job, and she is loving the bonus action and attention that comes along with living with just the two of us.

She’s beautiful, right?

We are so thankful! Also, today was Tim’s first day back in school! He’s going back to get his film degree, and I am so excited for him! It really worked out perfectly this way, because he worked while I was in school, and now I can work while he is in school. Things are changing non stop right now, and I’m looking forward to getting into our “new normal.”

Bye friends!


4 thoughts on “Meet Chloe!

  1. It just thrills me that Chloe has a loving and hopefully a forever home. I think this helps all the family handle the move a little better. You and Tim will be great parents to Chloe.
    Love you all,


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