Remedy Road

Hey friends!

I hope all is well with you. I feel like I’ve been swallowed whole by pre-graduation duties as of late (T minus 49 days, just saying). Balancing studying for the Praxis, prepping for my senior show, student teaching, working, exercise, and sleep- all while maintaining relationships to the best of my ability- is no easy task! But all of those are very good things that I am thankful for, and I’m making it. With a smile on my face, no less! PTL.

I decided to do an OOTD-ish (OOTD = outfit of the day) post today, which is something kind of new for me! Style is something I’ve always loved. Really, I’ve always loved design and all of its different avenues: Let me design something for your wall, decorate your home, do your makeup, decorate for your baby/bridal shower, put together outfits for you… I’ll be happy.

This outfit is the perfect spring transition outfit, because I get to enjoy the lightness of a flowy skirt, but still hang on to the warmth of my leather jacket (because during this time of year in Arkansas, you never know what you’re gonna get.) The leather jacket is such a versatile piece that I find myself throwing on all the time. I do usually tend to pair it with something a bit more feminine, and this skirt fit the bill perfectly.

I’ve also really been embracing the choker trend recently! Because, why not? I have them in multiple colors, and they are such a fun and easy way to make an outfit a little bit more stylish and interesting.

This cross-body bag is the real star of this outfit, though. It’s from Remedy Road, which is one of the coolest boutiques I’ve stumbled upon as of late. Socially conscious Remedy Road is based out of Bentonville, Arkansas, and is all about not only high-quality, stylish products, but also the artisans who created them. They worded it perfectly on their website:

“We understand that behind every purchase is a person, and behind every person is a story. Each of our brands are committed to making a unique impact on the world by fighting poverty & hunger, creating jobs for the disadvantaged, and taking care of our environment. Our mantra: “Live with Purpose. Shop with Purpose.” is an embodiment of the idea that the way we shop is an extension of the way we live.”

How cool is that?

This particular bag is JOYN. All JOYN bags are handmade by talented, now self-sustaining artisans in Rajpur, India!

If you shop Remedy Road online right now (which you should), you can enter the code “happy” at the checkout to get a free metallic coin purse with any purchase!

Thanks for reading, friends! Enjoy your weekend. I’m about to go take the Praxis test in a couple of hours, and I’ll feel a huge amount of relief when that’s over!

And remember, if you shop Remedy Road online (which you should), you can enter the code “happy” at the checkout to get a free metallic coin purse with any purchase!




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