5 Reasons I Am Particularly Smiley Today

Hey friends! Here are five reasons that my smile is extra large today. My hope is that something in this post will bring a smile to your face, too.

  1. I found out that I won a fun giveaway a couple of weeks ago (Bethany Poteet, a sweet lifestyle blogger and fellow Arkansan- check out Oak and Earth– did a Pink Blush giveaway). Today, my package of goodies came in the mail. I used my gift card for an adorable necklace/earring set, a black off-the shoulder top that I’ll no doubt be wearing all the time, and some super cute heels. You can check it all out in the photos below. Winning that giveaway, and getting that cuteness in the mail today, certainly brought a smile to my face!

2. Sunshine. It’s late February, and it’s basically spring here in Arkansas. It’s been that way for a while now. I must admit, I’ve been a bit pouty about it for a while, because I felt robbed of winter (more specifically, snow days). This week, though, I’ve been giving in and allowing myself to soak it in and enjoy it. I’m a warm weather girl, after all! There really isn’t anything that can beat the feeling of sun on my skin. I’m student teaching in an elementary art class this semester, and every day around 2 pm, I find myself bringing excited, little-bitty, precious kindergarteners outside for recess. It’s at this point in the day that I get a clear picture of my attitude- and I’m happy to say that this week, stepping outside brought me so much joy every day!

3. Routine. I’ve found myself in a steady daily routine this semester for the first time in I-don’t-even-know-how-long. That routine consists of breakfast with my stud of a husband, student teaching, and then getting my booty straight to the gym for a good, hard workout. I’ve always worked out, but never this consistently, and it feels amazing!

4. Family. In the last few months, its fully hit me how rare it is that Tim and I live in the same area as both of our families. It really is such a blessing, and I don’t think we take that for granted anymore. We are so family-oriented, and love getting to spend birthdays, holidays, and plain ole regular days with them. I know it may not always be that way, and that’s okay, but I’m fully soaking in the sweetness right now! In the past few years, Tim and I both have become a lot closer to our siblings, and they have truly become some of our very best friends. That brings me so much joy!

5. Life post-car wreck. Tim and I were recently in a car crash that totaled my car. I jokingly say (but its actually not a joke), that during the wreck itself, I thought I was dying because all I saw was white! Turns out it was the airbag in my face! It’s funny how much the totaled car doesn’t even matter in comparison to the fact that everyone was okay. That wreck was scary, but more than anything, it was a reminder that every single minute counts! That’s not scary. That’s motivational. I’m still battling some anxiety after the wreck, but I am overwhelmed with thankfulness and the desire to hug everyone a wee bit tighter now.

Thanks for reading, friends. Xoxo



3 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Am Particularly Smiley Today

  1. Woah that car wreck sounds really scary (although the air bag story is pretty funny)- glad you’re all okay! How cool that you won that giveaway as well, when I win things I get excited like a school girl again- I just love it! haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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