Only the Dreamiest Prints Ever

I’ve always LOVED decorating, and making my house (er, apartment) feel like a home. Its always been like a game to me: how can I make this space look the way that I want it to while spending the littlest amount of money possible? Target, Hobby Lobby, DIYs, and thrift stores are often the best answer to this, I’ve found!

I’ve also always had a particularly huge love for prints. So, I was a little bit thrilled when I stumbled across Mae Stone Designs! They make the most beautiful prints, and sell them at very reasonable prices. This is the one I’m currently loving:

I love that I will have this in my home as a great reminder to trust God in times when I want to either take a situation into my own control, or give up altogether. Such a beautiful message.

There are tons of prints like that, and also some really fun and silly ones (I’m pretty sure I also need the “Bloggers Gonna Blog” one…). Anyway, I really wanted to share this with you guys because I’ve genuinely fallen in love with their gorgeous products.

Also, I have happy discount news! Go to their site, find something you love, and then you can use the code “CAYLIEB” at the checkout to get 30% off your entire purchase! Also, follow them on Instagram @maestonedesigns. Their feed will bring lots of smiles to your face.

Lots of love to you guys on this Monday! Make it a great one!




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