Time Together

Hey friends! Just thought I’d write a little update on what life has been as of late in the little Barnett household. The past month and a half have been some of the best days, but also some of the hardest days we’ve had in quite a while.

Back in mid-July, Tim started to experience some pretty bad health problems. He wasn’t digesting food properly, and he was losing weight and becoming very anemic. We kept thinking it would go away- because he’s experienced similar things in the past and they’ve always faded away relatively quickly- but after he had lost twenty pounds (and every bit of color in his face) in less than three weeks, and reached the point where he had little to no energy, we realized it was clearly time to take things more seriously. This was so far from who Tim usually was; it was alarming to all of us.

We were able to quickly get him in to see a gastroenterologist, praise the Lord! A few no-fun procedures later, he was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis. Finally, a name for all of this! Basically, this is a long-term condition that causes chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. It’s something he will always deal with, but he can manage it by following a specific diet. Tim had lots and lots of ulcers in his intestines. He was immediately put on steroids and antibiotics, and those definitely got him out of the danger zone quickly. Now, he’s slowly healing while also balancing the issues that came along with the steroids and antibiotics (dizziness, thrush, sinus infection, insomnia, fogginess, all that fun stuff). But guys, he is doing so much better!  I’m so thankful for the color that’s back in his face, and the energy that’s returning to his daily life.

This whole season of sickness, he hasn’t been driving or working. Thankfully, his boss is his dad, who totally understood and just wanted him to heal. It’s been a weird time, to be honest. There have been ups and downs, good days and bad days, but it really has been one of the best seasons- not only because we’ve been able to spend so much more time together than we usually get to (lots of talking and rest), but also because we both reached a point of helplessness that forced us to cry out to Christ. There have been many late-night prayer sessions where we have been genuinely begging for healing. Even through it all, God has shown himself to be so real, and so good. We recently started reading through Acts together, along with some awesome people from the youth group that we help in, and it’s been so encouraging.

Our spirits have been so lifted by the love and encouragement we’ve been receiving from our amazing friends and family. What we’d do without them, I do not know. God is really working in our relationships right now. I’m feeling so called to be more intentional in my relationships, simplify my life where needed, and keep seeking Christ in every season.

As I sit here writing this post, Tim is in the kitchen, washing dishes, being a selfless husband. Gosh. I love this man! All of this to say, Tim is healing. God is good! We’re so thankful for the life we’re living today. To the people who have been helping and encouraging us, thank you so much. You guys mean the world to us!




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