Hello, there! Hope your week is off to a lovely start! My week has been excellent so far, for a reason which I will reveal in my next post. But for now, I want to share with you a few moments from our recent trip to Chicago. We went on a long weekend trip with […]

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Hello Again

I’ve been missing the blog, so here I am, coming back with a smile on my face and lots of updates to share! Since I last posted, a multitude of things have happened. So much so, that I’m just going to opt out of articulating them in a flowing kind of way, and go straight […]

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Remedy Road

Hey friends! I hope all is well with you. I feel like I’ve been swallowed whole by pre-graduation duties as of late (T minus 49 days, just saying). Balancing studying for the Praxis, prepping for my senior show, student teaching, working, exercise, and sleep- all while maintaining relationships to the best of my ability- is […]

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My New Years Resolutions

Happy belated New Year, friends! Today is January 14th and I am just now sitting down to put my goals for 2017 in writing. I truly love setting goals. Setting a goal is the first step in living the way that you desire to be living. (Good things are rarely accidents.) It’s never too late […]

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Bring On The Fall

It’s September. The month of transitioning from the summer heat to the crispness of fall. Usually, I’m actually pretty bummed to be saying goodbye to summer; as an insanely cold-natured person and a lover of the beach and free time, summer has always been my happy place. But, now I must admit… this year, I’m […]

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Only the Dreamiest Prints Ever

I’ve always LOVED decorating, and making my house (er, apartment) feel like a home. Its always been like a game to me: how can I make this space look the way that I want it to while spending the littlest amount of money possible? Target, Hobby Lobby, DIYs, and thrift stores are often the best […]

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Time Together

Hey friends! Just thought I’d write a little update on what life has been as of late in the little Barnett household. The past month and a half have been some of the best days, but also some of the hardest days we’ve had in quite a while. Back in mid-July, Tim started to experience some pretty […]

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Double Date Night

Last night, we got all dressed up and went out for sushi with our good friends, Georgie and Kade. They always make us smile and we always have the biggest laughs together. Our dinner conversation covered everything from Pokemon Go to our brothers moving to college to Stranger Things to what we did all summer […]

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Back In Full Swing

Well, friends, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that our sweet kitty Gwen chewed up our Mac chargers. I know, I know…shame on me for leaving them out! But, thankfully Tim found a good deal on a new charger (because who knew they were so dang expensive?!), and my laptop is now back […]

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